Apr 18, 2024

Hi, guys!

Did you also know we make beeswax bread bags? And we truly believe this is one of the kind of product, that should be in every household. They are made out of the same material as beeswax wraps, only they are sewn. They are slightly easier to use, but bread stays just as fresh and crispy. You can also wash them with cold water.

We started with the small snack bag, which is especially good for small bread leftovers, or sandwiches, hiking, all the veggies and fresh greens. Now also available in XL size.

Then came our classical bread bag - made especially for regular-size bread loaf, but in our household, we use it for fresh greens.

And our newest product is XL bread bag which is made for extra-large bread loaves, and of course lots and lots of fresh greens.

So which one will you choose?

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